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35C3 in Leipzig

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What a journey it has been. I spent 4 days at 35C3 in Leipzig between Christmas and New Years and it was my first time going to CCC event. As stated on their events page, it is a “four-day conference on technology, society and utopia organised by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and volunteers.”

I got there a bit late and was pretty lucky to get tickets but made it just in time for a gentle introduction to quantum mechanics. What I like the most were the talks and there were too many that I wanted to go to but luckily they are all available as a playlist here if you would like to watch.

There were lot’s of assemblies with lots of people to talk to. Since this was my first time I came a bit unprepared and simply walked around most of the time. Next year I plan to get some friends and bring our computers and maybe some gadgets to play around with at the event. It would be fun to sit at a table and use it as a central point while going to see presentations and connecting with others. Here is a picture from the 3d printer assembly.

There was of course much more to see but I didn’t really have the time to take lots and lots of pictures. One nice thing was the sticker booth which seemed popular for everyone who was new to the event. There was a long line and I had to wait about 20 min before I got to get some stickers and even a nice poster to take home.

It’s hard to put into words what this event offers but it is inspiring, eye opening and a bit crazy at the same time. So many people bring interesting gadgets and show new ideas. It’s a place to connect with other likeminded people and explore new ideas. I would highly recommend going next year to 36C3!

Happy new years and I hope you enjoyed the post!


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