Hack for Sweden 2019

Hack for Sweden 2019

It was an amazing experience to participate in Hack for Sweden 2019. This was the first time I was there and I hope to be back next year. I joined my team and we came up with our idea, Bridgely, which would compete in the Education and Science category.

We saw that a lot of APIs and files were not following any standard formats and sometimes it was really complicated to get these working. Some APIs were not really even APIs but were instead simply a large csv file that could be downloaded. We wanted to solve that and make it easy for anyone to use APIs and gain access to data by making a tool where any API endpoints can be quickly added and then converted to new endpoints in any format you would like such as json, xml, etc. We can also provide webhooks/websockets for data which is regularly updated so that implementations of real time data is better supported. Our solution would save time for everyone and would generate code examples in various programming languages to help everyone learn and quickly make use of data.

After a successful presentation at 11 am on Saturday we sat back and waited for the winners to be announced. Bridgely was a nominee for the winner of the Education & Science category and ended up taking third place! The full press release with the winners can be found here (Swedish/English).

We plan to keep working on our solution and hope to be back with a finished solution at Hack for Sweden next year with a tool which hackers might find useful. Our tool is planned to be free for learning at places like hackathons and schools!

Feel free to follow us on our website at https://bridgely.io/ or send me an email at m@rkus.io if you would like to discuss ideas.

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